Affectionately known as Popcorn, this young lady writes about such adult issues as rape, divorce, heartbreak, etc. There are few things more inspirational than the courage in kids. The courage to say what’s on their mind. The courage to act on what’s in their hearts. Most of us are conditioned to be afraid as we get older. This is sometimes told to us directly, and sometimes learned through disappointment, rejection and other painful interactions.

Go forth and find the courage to pursue your passion.


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  1. Life is a cruel placeIt all starts with the very first facea0You are bogruht home to a mom and dad who are so happyYour house is just perfecta0Then as you grow evil starts to seep inYou grow worn and crackedAlways looking behind your backYour parents start to fighta0Suddenly you can hate better than you can loveYou can lie quicker than you can confessEvery bad day is more weight on your chestThe air deosnt taste quite so goodThe faces you once loved are uglyThe sun reminds you of day’s when you were younger and happiness wasnt a goal or an empty promiseWhen love was in abundancea0But we get greedy and lustful and prideful and ignorant and selfishAnd we loose sight of who we area0We forget those sunny happy days with the ones we lovea0The grass really was greenerThe air was sweeterWhat I’d give to go back for just a dayWhat id pay for just one dayAnd it would be my last dayI would live there in that heaven then end myself before I came back to this hellI would shut my eyes in that warm sun and that green grassI would let my worries passAs my parents hugged eachother like they used toAnd my brother would talk to me and we would laugh and playOh what I’d pay for just one more day

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